3 Sisters Meet for the First Time on a British Airways Flight

July 14,2017 | Curiosity

Texas native Ann Burrage wanted to find out if she had any Native American heritage. So she took an AncestryDNA test.


Her discovery was shocking: Ann and her sister Lynn had another sibling they never knew about – in England.


The story of their reunion is one of the most unlikely family reunions ever.


Take a look here.


The father of all three sisters was an American soldier during World War II. He returned home from overseas service, not realizing he had left a child behind.


Ann and Lynn were raised by a very loving father. Meanwhile their Englishborn half-sister Mandy had been adopted, never knowing much about her father’s side of the family.


By the time the sisters took their DNA tests and found each other, he had unfortunately passed away. But for the sisters Ann and Lynn, discovering their sister Mandy overseas was a reminder of dad.


“We’re just thrilled to find another little piece of him out there.”


And for Mandy, the discovery provided a deep connection to her father as well. In her words:


“I’ll never know my dad, but they’re the next best thing.”


Ann and Lynn thought they were flying to the UK to meet their sister Mandy. But British Airways had a big surprise for them! Watch the video here.


We may not all have long lost sisters across the Atlantic. But we do have family histories filled with stories we probably never imagined.


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