5 Tips for Planning the Best Road Trip Ever

May 15,2017 | Curiosity

With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start planning your next vacation, and what could be better than an old-fashioned road trip? Whether you’re headed out on a tour of classic baseball stadiums, traveling to a special event like graduation or a wedding or just out to see America’s amazing countryside, here are a few tips to inspire your next journey.


It’s Not About the Destination, It’s About the Journey


You’ve heard it a hundred times – “it’s the journey, not the destination that matters.”  That’s because it’s true!  Especially when you’re spending hours driving in a car. So make the drive beautiful and memorable. In “The 8 Most Iconic Drives in America,” AARP Travel writer Eva Dasher lists the winding drive through the Great Smoky Mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway and cruising Utah’s Highway 12 through Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef National Parks as two scenic routes worth the drive on your way to wherever you’re going.  As a bonus, AARP Member Advantages offers savings on National Parks visits and activities


Fuel Up – Your Ride and Your Body


Anybody who has ever spent an entire day behind the wheel knows that driving can be hard work. In fact, a 55-year-old man can burn close to 200 calories per hour just driving. (Check the HeathStatus calculator to determine how many calories you’ll burn driving on your trip.) According to the Men’s Health article, “The 10 Best Snacks to Pack for a Road Trip,” author Markham Heid includes mozzarella string cheese and apple slices as great road trip snacks. Snacks combining protein, small amounts of healthy fats and some complex carbohydrates help to keep hunger down and energy up. To save while stocking up, check out some of the great grocery coupon deals from a variety of retailers on the AARP Member Advantages website here.


Rest Up


According to the CDC article, “Drowsy Driving: Asleep at the Wheel,” an estimated 1 in 25 adult drivers has fallen asleep while driving in the previous 30 days. Drowsy driving is a serious problem. Make sure you’re well rested so that you can have a safe trip and be able to enjoy the sights along the way.


Better Safe Than Sorry


Flat tires, fender benders and breakdowns happen. But what if it happens to you? A little preparation can go a long way when it comes to hitting the open road. Here’s an AARP Member Advantages Insider tip: AARP Members can save $10 on an AARP® Roadside Assistance from Allstate membership, which provides 24-hour emergency road service protection in any car you drive or ride in.


Ride In Style


Driving hundreds of miles on the open road is a lot different when you’ve got the top down in a convertible than when you’re in your old reliable sedan. For a really memorable road trip, treat yourself with something that you’ll love to drive. Whether it’s an SUV that fits the whole family or a roaring two-seater for you and your sweetheart, make the drive as fun as the destination. AARP Members can find the right ride for their vacation at unbeatable prices with discounts on car rentals from Avis, Budget and more on the AARP Member Advantages website

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