Destinations with Special Effects

September 4,2018 | Curiosity

Hollywood doesn’t have a lock on movie locales. In fact, whether you’re a hopeless romantic or epic drama fan, the sites of your favorite films may be as close as your vacation GPS.


Remember THAT scene in When Harry Met Sally? Yes, that one. Meg Ryan uttered her famous line “I’ll have what she’s having” in New York City’s 125-year-old landmark, Katz's Deli where a mile-high pastrami is business as usual. Pass the Beaux Arts style NYC Hook & Ladder 8 fire station in Tribeca and try not to sing “who ya gonna call” as you remember the antic Ghostbusters, you’ll appreciate that the supernatural comedy’s exterior scenes were shot in this NYC fire house. Boston is a big city with stars in its eyes and one of its most recognizable pubs is the real Cheers bar, better known as the Bull & Finch Pub. Fans of the Oscar-winning Good Will Hunting will remember South Boston’s L-Street Tavern, a local hangout of Will and his friend while Beantown’s storied baseball stadium, Fenway Park, witnessed films like Ted, Fever Pitch, and The Town. But if you want to run bases of the most famous movie ball field, head to Iowa’s Dyersfield where ghosts of baseball legends made Field of Dreams a home run.


Philadelphia, a perennially popular destination, boasts an Art Museum, ranked second most famous movie location in the world. You might need to train a bit to retrace Rocky Balboa’s 68 steps to its entrance but the photo opps are worth it. Reward your inner champion with treats at West Philly’s Llanerch Diner a la Pat and Tiffany of Silver Linings Playbook. If North Carolina’s on your itinerary, the “odds may ever be in your favor” to visit the abandoned textiles town of Henry River Mill Village, District 12 site in Hunger Games or the state’s Lake Lure where memories of the Dirty Dancing boys summer camp gym still dance. It’s always Christmas in Cleveland, Ohio where Ralphie Parker hoped Santa would bring a Red Ryder Rifle to his Tremont neighborhood home, now renovated in exact detail to the iconic film, Christmas Story.


If you’ve been terrified of the water for the last 40 years, blame the cult classic, Jaws. Filmed on the fictional Amity Island, better known as Martha’s Vineyard, the island is a quaint, coastal paradise. In fact, before Steven Spielburg’s threatening 25-foot shark, your biggest worry on this affluent island might have only been sunburn. Feel free to fearlessly discover Quint’s workshop in Menemsha Harbor, “Jaws Bridge”, Edgartown’s American Legion Memorial Bridge at Sylvia State Beach or hop aboard the Chappaquiddick Island Ferry for a peaceful sail — shark-free.


Give your favorite flick top billing in your travel itinerary to make your next vacation a blockbuster.

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