Summer Snap Shot Tutorial

July 14,2017 | Curiosity

Summer time is here, and whether you’re staying at home or going on an adventure abroad (for new ideas, check out AARP Travel), memories and fun times are always perfect photo opportunities. Use these easy tips to capture priceless moments straight from your smartphone camera:


Capture the Subject in Their Best Light


Lighting plays an important role in taking a picture. Your subject should always face the light source. If your subject has a backlight, turn on the camera’s flash option to be sure that your subject is well lit. HDR is a great feature included in most smartphone camera applications to help capture shadows and highlight details to take the picture to the next level.


Avoid Mergers With Other Objects


Check to make sure there aren’t any objects in the background that may interfere with the subject of your photo. An overlooked traffic post or tree stump may seem harmless in the background – but when captured, it may appear to be sticking out of your subject’s head.


Try a New Perspective


Unique angles give a fresh perspective to the subject manner. It’s an opportunity to get creative – try tilting your camera, looking straight up, even getting lower or stepping closer. Keep experimenting! More often than not, the shot you’ll capture will surprise you!


Catch the Perfect Timing


Action shots are tricky because as fast as the moment comes, it goes. However, the burst feature is quickly becoming a standard included on many mobile phones, allowing rapid-fire photo capturing. This ensures that the exact moment you wanted to capture is taken and takes the stress off of trying to get the perfect timing.


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Follow a Rule of Thirds


According to the photographic principle “the Rule of Thirds,” the camera frame divides into three squares across by three squares down. Positioning your subject where the lines intersect on the grid provides for the most impact for drawing attention and providing a balance between subject and background, as well as creating an interesting visual flow throughout your photo.


Setting it up:


You can achieve the Rule of the Thirds right on your mobile device! Set up your grid in these easy steps:

  • iPhone: Go to “Settings,” choose “Photos and Camera” and switch “Grid” option on.
  • Samsung Galaxy: Launch the Camera application, go to “Settings,” scroll down to “Grid Lines” and switch the option on.



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