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6 Tips For Preventing Holiday Stress

December 8,2017 | Health & Wellness

As joyful as the holidays can be, they can be equally as stressful during the lead up. With decorating, sending holiday cards and buying the extended-family gifts, there is a lot to be done in a short period of time. But don’t let holiday stress put a damper on your celebrations! Recognizing your stress triggers ahead of time can help combat them all season. Here are a few tips on to ensure it’s smooth sailing through seasonal good times and cheer, into a new year!

  1. Plan Ahead

    Make sure you set aside time for all of your holiday activities, that way you aren’t overwhelmed at the last minute. Plan specific days for gift shopping, cooking and putting up the decorations so that you can ensure they all get done. As you plan your menus, create a shopping list with all of the ingredients needed, that way you’re not running back to the store to pick up anything forgotten. Sign up for extra savings at participating stores with the Grocery Savings for AARP Members powered by Coinflip!

  2. Keep A Budget

    In Mind Set a spending limit for yourself before going out holiday shopping. Keep in mind a number that you can afford to spend, and stick to it. If you’re an AARP Member, check out the discounts offered, and use the extra savings to cut costs on gift and grocery shopping. Being mindful of your spending now may save the headache when your credit card bill arrives later.

  3. Don’t Abandon Your Healthy Habits

    We all look forward to indulging during the holidays, but making sure you don’t overindulge is key to not contributing to the stress or feeling of guilt. Try eating a healthy snack at home before attending your holiday parties – that way you don’t arrive starving and fill up on the hors d’oeuvres and treats.

  4. When You Can, Help Others

    The holidays are a season for giving and can be a special time to help those who are less fortunate. Take this time to find a cause you feel passionate for, and make an effort to help. Reach out to your local hospital, community center, homeless shelter or any other charitable organization to see what you can do to contribute these holidays. Volunteering during the holidays is a beautiful, grounding experience that can bring you pride and satisfaction from accomplishing something meaningful.

  5. Rest & Rejuvenate

    It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind that is the holiday season, that’s why it’s important to pencil in some time for yourself! Whether its watching your favorite holiday movie, getting your hair done or enjoying a massage at the spa, fit in a day that you can dedicate to doing something you enjoy. When the holiday stress begins to feel overwhelming, take a breather and revisit it later.

  6. Simplify Your Life

    Streamline your holiday processes to make your life easier! Rather than go through the complicated process of picking out gifts, get your loved ones a gift card to their favorite brands. You don’t have to guess sizes and best of all they get to pick out something they truly love. Try The Gift Card Shop for a wide selection of brands and restaurants your loved ones will enjoy. Attending a holiday party? Order a gift basket ahead of time that the host can easily use as party snacks and a great display – they will surely appreciate it!


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