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Don’t let allergies keep you inside this spring

April 6,2018 | Health & Wellness

Spring is officially in the air! If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you know what that means – pollen. While there is no cure, there are ways to curb allergies – including medication and household habits – that may help keep you from missing out on the best that this season has to offer.


Interested in learning more? It’s always best to speak with a doctor about the best ways for you to combat your specific allergies and symptoms, but read below for some tips and tricks to help combat allergies this season.


What causes allergies?


The biggest springtime trigger is pollen. Spring’s warm winds carry pollen from trees, grasses and weeds that’s produced to help fertilize other plants. However, when pollen is inhaled by someone who’s allergic, it triggers the body’s defenses and sends the immune system into overdrive – releasing antibodies to attack the allergens. This causes a rush of histamines into the bloodstream, which trigger the runny nose, itchy eyes and other all-too-familiar allergy symptoms


How can you treat allergies?


There are many medicines that can ease springtime allergy symptoms. Talk to a doctor, who may refer you to an allergist for further testing and recommend the best course of treatment.


When consulting your doctor, ask about natural remedies for allergies, including nasal irrigation (like neti pot), which uses a combination of distilled or sterile water, salt and baking soda to help open nasal passageways.


How can you keep pollen at bay?


During peak pollen levels, there are some lifestyle adjustments that you can make to help avoid pollen this season.


  1. Try to stay indoors whenever the pollen count is very high. Pollen counts tend to peak in the mornings and are highest when humidity is at its lowest. You can check your local pollen count on an app like’s Allergy Alert.

  2. Keep doors and windows closed to keep allergens outside.

  3. Embrace spring cleaning – clean your home’s air filters often, as well as other places where pollen can collect, like bookshelves and vents.

  4. Shower in the evenings and wash your hair after going outside.

  5. Vacuum twice weekly, if possible, and wear a mask to prevent inhaling the allergens that were trapped in your home’s carpet.


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