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Is your hearing helping you win in the job market?

January 16,2018 | Health & Wellness

When preparing for success in the job market, have you considered whether your hearing is up to the task?


We check standard boxes for a job search or career transition: prepare a resume and LinkedIn profile, practice interview skills and ensure we are dressed the part. We tap our network and reach out to new contacts. Rarely is hearing well factored into preparing for success at work.


If your hearing impacts communication in group situations or on the phone, it can affect your confidence and the ability to connect with recruiters, and potential employers. If you are over the age of 50, in the job market and never had your hearing tested, now is the time.


Setting yourself up for success


95% of employees with untreated hearing loss believe it is affecting them at work. So why put off treatment?


Most often, self-image is the reason. Simply put, we are concerned about what others will think. In the past, hearing aids were associated with the stigma of aging, and few people want to be perceived as old, especially in the workplace. However, it is important to understand that hearing loss occurs for many reasons including medication, exposure to noise, genetics and illness. If hearing loss is present, the common symptoms — asking others to repeat what they said, missing words or mishearing information —affects how that person is perceived at work. The reality is that hearing aids can solve these issues.


Approaching a job search with hearing loss can also put you at a disadvantage. People with normal hearing are more likely to be hired. As well, as the level of hearing loss increases, it becomes even more difficult to find work. This does not suggest that people with hearing loss aren’t great employees – the unfortunate reality is that it is harder to get in the door if you have untreated loss.


Hearing well underpins workplace success


The ways in which we relate to colleagues at work are often taken for granted. Individual phone and conference calls, group meetings, brainstorming sessions and internet-based video and audio calls all rely on the ability to hear well. For those who do not hear well, these can be stressful situations


Hearing aid wearers’ report they can communicate more effectively and are happier at work than those who leave hearing loss untreated.


Benefits of hearing well at work include:


  • Successful communication with peers and supervisors
  • Hearing briefings and important information correctly
  • Reduced fatigue and stress levels
  • More opportunities for advancement
  • Increased confidence 


In industrial or manufacturing businesses, safety also comes into play if a worker cannot hear the sound of machinery, alarms, coworkers or other distress signals. Among employer-reported concerns, 62% focus on communication, while 24% point at workplace safety.


Technology can help you thrive, not just survive


With the advancements in today’s hearing aid technology, the hearing aid options are almost limitless in terms of small size, comfort, sleek styling and rechargeable technology. Behind-the-ear hearing aids matched to hair color, and virtually invisible in-the-ear models, almost guarantee that you have a colleague who wears hearing aids and you just haven’t realized it!


Hearing aids are now microcomputers with full connectivity. They can fit seamlessly into a workday routine:


  1. Stream smartphones and conference room phones directly into the hearing aids
  2. Compatible with Bluetooth™ devices
  3. Automatically adjust to the sound environment
  4. Discreetly control settings via an app
  5. Filter unwanted noise


If you want to learn more about hearing technology, order a free Hearing Care Program and Benefits Guide.


Start hearing better today


The AARP Hearing Care Program provided by HearUSA offers significant savings for AARP members with the confidence of a money-back guarantee. With custom fit and off-the-shelf solutions available, it is possible to start hearing better the same day as your initial hearing evaluation.


You can even try the most advanced hearing aids risk-free for up to 14 days with no money down. Hear the difference new hearing aids make at work and in your own environments. Call HearUSA for a hearing screening today. Success in the job market is within reach.


Call HearUSA today to schedule a hearing screening: 855-220-8729



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