5 Historical Memorial Day Road Trips

May 16,2018 | Lifestyle

Thanks to its status as the first true ‘summer’ holiday, Memorial Day is among the top travel days of the year – jam-packing airports across the country. With so many sights to see across the U.S., consider forgoing the plane ride to take a road trip instead. You are bound to enjoy new experiences and make new memories on your travels! Check out some of our favorite road trip-worthy destinations for Memorial Day weekend:

1. Clearwater Beach

Interested in a seaside getaway? If so, consider spending your Memorial Day at the No. 1 beach in the nation. About 45 minutes west of Tampa, Clearwater Beach is true to its name, offering shallow, crystal-clear waters (perfect for wading in), and powdery white sands for leisurely walks along the shore. Plus-up your road trip by turning it into a resort vacation.


2. Washington, D.C.

What better place to spend a patriotic holiday weekend than in the nation’s capital? Washington, D.C. is bustling with patriotic events, such as the National Memorial Day Concert at the Capitol Building, and the National Memorial Day parade down Constitution Avenue.  And, don’t forget to take in the monuments.


3. Ohio State Parks

Become one with the Buckeye State at Ohio’s beautiful state parks. The parks offer something for every member of the family to enjoy, from scenic hikes to archery, boating and dog-friendly trails. With more than 74 state parks in Ohio, there are plenty of locations to choose from, too.


4. The Grand Canyon

If you’re searching for a scenic getaway, look no further than the Grand Canyon, a natural wonder dating back millions of years. Depending on your interests, your Grand Canyon adventure can be anywhere from action-packed to laid-back. Consider hitting the rails for a unique point-of-view of the canyon with Grand Canyon Railway.

5. Charleston, South Carolina

Enjoy the sweet old-world romance of Charleston – horse-drawn carriages and all! With scores of historical attractions to choose from, Charleston presents countless opportunities to learn about our nation’s history, such as Civil War sites throughout the area and full-dress parades at the Citadel.




Interested in a road trip, but not as excited about racking up miles on your own car? Rental cars are a great alternative. Check out some other tips to get road trip-ready here.

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