5 Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

July 14,2017 | Lifestyle

Summer’s here! For most folks that means that it’s hot outside – it may be hot inside, too! Nearly everyone is seeking a fun and refreshing refuge from the heat. Here are five great ways that can help you avoid the summer swelter with offers from AARP Member Advantages.


Enjoy a movie


There’s something refreshing about settling into your seat – and the crisp air conditioning – at a movie theater. Did you know that movie theaters were among the first businesses to install air conditioning? Summer crowds have been beating the heat at theaters since the 1920s!


Whether it’s the latest summer blockbuster or a cartoon with the kids, AARP members can stay cool at the movies with great discounts from Regal Entertainment Group. Click here to view this discount.


Beat the heat with a sweet treat


When the heat is on, there’s nothing like a frozen treat to help cool down. How about something cold and delicious from sweetFrog Premium Frozen Yogurt? AARP members save 15%. What’s your favorite flavor?


Go somewhere cool


Sometimes the best thing to avoid the heat is to simply escape to a cooler climate. Travel to the coast of Maine, for instance. Coastal Maine’s average high temperature in July is a very comfortable 75 degrees. From Bar Harbor to Kennebunkport, coastal Maine makes for a beautiful, refreshing retreat.


Whether traveling by car, train or airplane, members can access a variety of great travel discounts on the AARP Member Advantages website.


Hop in a (hotel) pool


There’s nothing like a dip in a pool on a hot summer day. Don’t have one at home? Sounds like a great excuse for an impromptu staycation at a hotel with a pool! Check out deals on nearby hotels and resorts – and make sure yours has a pool!


Hit the open road – in a convertible!


According to consumer research firm Experian Automotive, there were 4.5 million convertible vehicles on the road in the beginning of 2014, making up only 1.8 percent of the entire vehicle market. So most likely, if you’re reading this, you probably don’t have a convertible. So rent one! Whether you’re with a special someone or with little ones, driving the open road with the top down is a fun way to cool off. To find great deals on convertibles and other rental vehicles, check out car rental discounts for AARP members here.



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