5 Ways to Do Date Night Without Breaking the Bank

June 4,2018 | Lifestyle

Date night is important, whether it’s the early days of a blossoming romance or decades into a comfortable marriage. Most relationship experts agree that making time for date night is important for all relationships. Keep in mind that spending that valuable time together doesn’t have to be expensive as long as you take the time to make it special.


Plan your next date with these tips for low-cost experiences with your loved one:


Share time outdoors. Except in the most extreme conditions, there’s always something to do outside, and most of those activities are either free or relatively inexpensive. Simply go take a stroll and enjoy the outdoors or plan a picnic at a scenic location. The exercise and fresh air can be good for your body and mind, for both you and your loved one.  


Dine on a dime. Although the days of a nickel burger are long gone, there are ways to curb down your spending when you eat out. For example, many restaurants offer menus with smaller portions as well as promotional nights with discounts geared toward certain audiences. When you use your AARP membership, Outback Steakhouse discounts 10 percent off your bill. With membership costing just $16 a year, it can practically pay for itself with the use of just one of the dining offers.


Simply stay in. When you’re conflicted between going out on the town or settling in for a night on the couch, it’s possible to have both. Order takeout from a favorite spot and bring it to the comfort of your home for the best of both worlds. It allows you to avoid kitchen cleanup and simply enjoy one another’s company without interruption.


Master the movie schedule. Prime time at the theater can be pricey, but if your calendar is flexible, you can catch a show earlier in the day for a steep discount. Some theaters like Regal also offers discounts for ordering tickets online. An added bonus: taking in an early movie with a snack may help save money on dinner later.


Enjoy special engagements. Whether it’s a local sporting event or a musical performance by a group visiting your town, sharing a pastime that you’re passionate about is a good way to share a piece of your life and establish a deeper connection with a loved one. Conversely, if it’s a new experience for you both, it may establish a newfound bond that you can explore together over time. Don’t let ticket prices dissuade you. Take advantage of offers that may be available to you within your AARP membership, such as discounted tickets to Stars on Ice and Cirque du Soleil.


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