How to Make Halloween SpookTacular At Any Age

October 26,2017 | Lifestyle

Halloween celebrations aren’t just for the kids. Whether you’re a candy lover, party host, or costume fanatic there are tons of ways to join the festivities this October. Don’t be scared to take your Halloween spirit to the next level with these ‘SpookTacular’ tips:


Host A Party


Who doesn’t love a themed party? Cover your home in spooky décor and invite your friends and neighbors over for a frighteningly good time. Theme the food and drinks to enhance the Halloween atmosphere and prepare activities such as apple bobbing and horror movie trivia. To save on everything you need for your ‘SpookTacular’ party remember to link your grocery store loyalty card to your AARP card through Grocery Savings for AARP Members powered by CoinFlip for extra savings on groceries right at check-out.


Costume Is Key


As an adult, there aren’t too many opportunities to dress up and be whatever you want! Take advantage of Halloween as an opportunity to pick out a costume and get into character. If you are really feeling creative make your own DIY costume. Homemade costumes are sure to steal the show at any Halloween party or fall festival. 


It’s All About The Treats


Go door-to-door with your grandkids and enjoy quality time with your favorite princess or ninja turtle. You may find you’re having as much fun collecting candy as they are! No little ones in your life? You can always relish in the trick-or-treating atmosphere right at your front porch. Prepare your home’s candy bowl with classic Halloween favorites and see the excitement on the neighborhood children’s faces. Not sure what the kids are eating these days? Check out last year’s list of the most popular candy by state for ideas.


Don’t Forget The Tricks


There is some fun in a little scare. Get into the spirit and play a silly Halloween prank on your best friend or favorite co-worker. Sometimes all it takes is a plastic spider or rubber snake. Make sure to keep your trick simple, short and safe. This should be all in good fun and not meant to upset the recipient.


Enjoy Fall Traditions.


When the air starts to cool and the leaves begin to change color there are plenty of fall traditions that deserve annual participation. A visit to a local pumpkin patch or orchard make for a great day trip the entire family can enjoy. Getting lost in a corn maze or transforming an ordinary pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern are favorite seasonal activities that shouldn’t be skipped.



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