Keeping Furry Friends Safe in the Summer

July 12,2018 | Lifestyle

Who doesn’t love summer? Warm weather and longer days are enjoyable for everyone, but sometimes the elements can sneak up on you. While it’s important to take care of yourself, you should also keep an extra eye on your pets – particularly dogs. As you go about enjoying the summer, don’t forget to watch out for your pets to make sure they’re comfortable and cared for.


Below are 7 easy-to-remember tips to keep in mind this summer.


Hydrate, and hydrate some more – All that running around can leave your pup in need of extra hydration, so remember to always have water readily available, especially if you’re planning to visit the dog park or take a long walk. To make hydrating your pet simpler (and less messy!), carry a collapsible water bowl specifically designed for portable hydration.


Remember sunscreen – Pets need protection from the sun’s rays, too. Layer it on if you plan to be outdoors with your pet for an extended amount of time. For pets with lighter fur, be sure to reapply sunscreen, as they can be more prone to sunburn. If you are unfamiliar with sunscreen for animals, there are plenty of options formulated especially for pets – just consult your veterinarian. When purchasing, avoid formulas with zinc oxide, which can be toxic to dogs if ingested.


Plan your walks wisely – Beat the heat and save walks for the early morning or evening when temps tend to be cooler. If it’s off-the-charts hot, consider wetting down a bandana and chilling it in the freezer for an extra cooling effect. Pay attention to signs of overheating in all animals and especially short-nosed pets, who can have more difficulty breathing. Signs can include panting, disorientation, and fast, noisy breathing.


Never leave your animal in a parked car – Not only is this illegal in several states, but the extreme heat of cars can lead to fatal heat stroke in a matter of minutes.


Keep gardening items out of reach – Common insecticides and other chemicals used to keep your yard picture perfect can be harmful to cats and dogs if ingested. Keep chemicals on a high shelf or locked away to avoid potential problems.  


Protect those paws – Don’t let your pet linger too long on hot asphalt, as it can burn their sensitive paw pads. When possible, try to let your pets walk on the grass.


Keep them bug-free – Prevent fleas and ticks with frequent baths and preventative ointments. If they’ve been outside in wooded areas, you should also spot-check to help protect your pet.


Summer elements are inevitable, and sometimes our pets get sick or injured – even when we’re being attentive. If you don’t have pet insurance, Petplan makes it easy to give your pet the very best care when they need it most. From treating chronic conditions to fractures and tears, they have you and your pet covered when you need it most.



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