Make Your Gift Matter

May 8,2018 | Lifestyle

The month of May provides many opportunities to show your friends and family how much you appreciate them. Never underestimate the way a gift can brighten someone’s day, create a great memory, and show your gratitude and how much you care. Although gifts can sometimes feel obligatory – especially during the winter holidays – celebrating the smaller holidays (or even giving ‘just because’ gifts) can be made that much more special.


National Nurse’s Day (May 6)


Nurses play an indescribably important role in the healthcare industry – anyone who has ever been to a hospital can attest to that. Whether you’ve encountered a special nurse during your or a family member’s medical stay, or have a nurse in your friend circle or family, Nurse’s Day is the perfect opportunity to express your gratitude. Consider a gift that doubles as a treat, such as a fruit bouquet. Not only would it satisfy their sweet tooth, but the creative bouquets are fun and healthy, too! You can save 20 percent on gifts for the nurses in your life with your AARP Member Advantages discount.

Teacher Appreciation Day (May 8)

Teacher Appreciation Day is a special day for educators and their contributions to the community. Reach out to those that you have learned from, or those who teach the next  generations in your family, for the care and time they contribute to your children’s or grandchildren’s education and growth. To express your thanks with something delicious, consider an assortment of gourmet desserts from Cheryl’s.


Mother’s Day (May 13)

It’s difficult to express how grateful you are for the moms you know and love, which is why a sweet, simple bouquet of favorite flowers makes an excellent Mother’s Day gift. The vibrant colors and smells of a thoughtful floral arrangement are sure to make the moms in your life feel loved.




Between all of your family and friends, it’s likely that you’re on the hunt for birthday gifts year-round. It can be difficult to think of creative, meaningful gifts for everyone. For example, your friend might mention something special she’s had her eye on, but her birthday is still months away. Keeping a ‘giftspiration’ page at the back of a journal or agenda to record ideas is helpful to keep track for when inspiration strikes. That way, it’s easier to gift them something they’ll really love.


Just Because


It’s easy to get hung up on giving gifts just when there’s a special occasion, but it can be rewarding to brighten someone’s day when they’re least expecting it. For a quick and easy ‘just because’ gesture, try writing your loved one a handwritten letter about some of your favorite memories and moments you’re happy to have shared with this person. Or, treat them to a meal at their favorite restaurant.


Whatever the reason you’re gifting, make your gift matter by showing your friends and family how grateful you are for them. (It’s a bonus that you can save in the process!)



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