The Meaning of Your V-Day Bouquet

February 9,2018 | Lifestyle

Did you know that flowers have meanings behind them? While the amorous meaning of a red rose seems appropriate for showing love, there are plenty of other blooms that can help you convey all kinds of feelings. From a luscious bouquet of pink-hued blossoms to a sunny yellow arrangement,® has a colorful palate of choices for every occasion and emotion. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, consider giving a different type of bloom to a loved one this year. Find out what’s right for you:


Red Flowers


Exuding passion, vibrancy and boldness, a red rose symbolizes desire, love and romance. A fresh bouquet of Two Dozen Red Roses provides a timeless way to show someone how you feel about your special someone.


Pink Flowers


An arrangement of delicate shades of pink conveys happiness, gentleness and adoration. For a budding romance, the Expressions of Pink™ bouquet offers a blush-worthy all-pink arrangement, hand-designed inside a clear glass vase and finished with a bow.


White Flowers


White flowers have an enduring elegance, representing purity, humility, appreciation, innocence and support. Selecting the right bouquet, like the Classic All White Arrangement™, can express a poignant mix of emotions brought to life through a hand-gathered mix of flowers such as roses, lilies and snapdragons.


Yellow Flowers


A bright burst of yellow represents joy, happiness, gladness and even pride or success. Spark elation through a vibrant bouquet of Yellow Roses and fill your sweetheart’s day with sunshine. This arrangement makes for a stunning surprise to wow the one you love.


Blue Flowers


A calming and peaceful shade of blue is said to symbolize serenity, openness and tranquility. Rare and exotic, the Beautiful Blue Phalaenopsis Orchid is designed with a specially enhanced bloom color as a way to express your deepest emotions, making it the ideal gift for someone who’s equally rare and special to you.


Lavender Flowers


Classic yet fresh, elegant and graceful, lavender blossoms capture the thoughtfulness of your sentiments through graceful shades. Lavender Dreams™ are carefully gathered by expert florists with lavender and purple blooms complemented by lush greenery, all in a striking violet vase to capture its rich beauty.


Orange Flowers


Deliver the most beautiful part of the day with the radiant colors of a stunning sunset. With orange flowers traditionally representing enthusiasm, excitement, passion and exuberance, the bright orange and yellow 'Sunbeam' sunflowers in the Warm Sunset Bouquet create an eye-catching result accented by pink Gypsy dianthus, bear grass and solidago.


Green Flowers


Bring feelings of optimism, renewal, youthfulness and calm to someone special in your life. Inspired by the beauty of nature, the subtle, charming Serene Green™ arrangement is hand-designed with the freshest blooms in delicate shades of green and white, arranged in a classic gathering vase tied with rustic raffia.


Purple Flowers


Radiant purple roses provide a rich and dignified way to express your feelings of admiration and adoration. Known as a regal and traditional color, often symbolizing success and fortune, the Passion for Purple Roses will have that special someone in your life feeling like royalty.


No matter what you choose, AARP members can enjoy 20% off flower arrangements or $20 off baskets valued at $79.99 and above from® every day, so it’s easier to celebrate any occasion.



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