Tips for Keeping a Great Travel Journal

August 28,2017 | Lifestyle

Smart travelers often like to keep a travel journal. It’s a great way to remember those little details that might fade once you get home—especially if you’re going on a long trip. We always think we’ll be able to recall our adventures with perfect accuracy, but that’s a tall order! A travel journal is a great thing to have because it holds all of those wonderful little details that make up your whole experience. Those are the things you want to keep safe for savoring and sharing weeks, months and years after your trip.


Many people who keep travel journals feel that if it wasn’t for their journal, their trips would have become a blur and all of their activities, destinations, and thoughts would be lost forever.


How to keep a travel journal:

  • Will your journal be just for your own personal use or will it detail a shared experience? If you decide to share your journal with others, think about passing it around to friends or family who are enjoying the trip with you and ask them to contribute a story. Everyone has their unique perspective, and their impressions will help you keep a well-rounded account of your trip.

  • Save all of your tickets, labels, receipts, etc. These make wonderful little scraps to help decorate the pages of your journal. Make sure you keep them with the day they refer to.

  • If you have an itinerary, keep a copy of it if you can. Put the date on every activity and make a note of your impressions.

  • There is no right or wrong thing to write. This belongs to you and it is your own perspective on your experiences. If something catches your eye or stirs an emotion, write it down and you will be transported back to that time whenever you read about it.

  • Don’t forget to use all of your senses when you write! How do things smell, sound, and taste? What do you see with your eyes?

  • Try to sketch a scene to help paint the picture. You don’t need to be a fantastic artist to do this. If you understand your drawing, that’s what’s most important.

  • If you want to add more things to your journal than just your daily activities, go for it! You can write lists and notes too! You can make a list of the best foods you tried or the prettiest views you saw. You can take notes to help you provide travel tips for friends and you can even use your journal to take down contact information for new pals you’ve made along the way.


Your travel journal is your own so put anything and everything in there. After all, this is a valuable tool in helping keep your experience fresh in your mind. You’ll be so glad to have it in the years to come. Don’t hold back!


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