Medjet is the premier global air medical transport and travel security membership program for travelers. AARP members have exclusive access to discounted pricing on Medjet memberships. Use your AARP member number at enrollment and save up to 20%.

MedjetAssist provides its members with coordinated hospital-to-hospital medical transfer if injury or illness occur during domestic or international travel, for business or pleasure. The Medjet Member is transferred to their home hospital of choice, regardless of medical necessity, for the cost of the membership and nothing more.

MedjetHorizon includes all the renowned medical transport benefits of a MedjetAssist membership, plus worldwide travel security, crisis response and evacuation services. MedjetHorizon members have 24/7 access to an in-country response network for a wide range of safety concerns and threats while traveling.


*Medjet's Platinum Membership (or travelers age 85 and older) is designed for international travel only.

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