Need a car to get around the city? Have weekend errands that require a car? Travel smarter with Zipcar.

Here at Zipcar, we've found that car sharing beats the heck outta car ownership. Get all the convenience of a car, with none of the hassle. With your Zipcar membership, you'll have 24/7 self-serve access to sedans, hybrids, luxury vehicles, and more, parked throughout the city and in airports around the globe. Reserve cars by the hour or day, with gas and insurance included in every reservation. Zipcar takes care of the boring stuff—you can enjoy the ease of driving without ever having to change the oil.

So, how does Zipcar work? As an AARP member, you can join Zipcar for $40* (that's 43% in annual savings!) and you'll get $40 in free drive time. Once you receive your Zipcard in the mail, reserve a car online or on our mobile app. Use your Zipcard to unlock the car by holding it to the scanner on the windshield. When the doors unlock, the car is all yours! Just make sure to return the car to its reserved spot when your reservation is complete.

Applying is easy (it'll be even easier if you have your driver's license and credit card handy). After joining, just reserve, unlock, and drive. Yup, it's that easy.

  1. Learn more at
  2. Click “join now” and fill out the application.
  3. Once approved, you'll get your Zipcard in the mail.
  4. Reserve online or on your mobile app, then scan in, and drive!

 *plus a one-time $25 application fee


Applicants must have a valid driver's license

Applicants will be required to accept terms and conditions of the member application and member agreement (stating their driving record complies with Zipcar terms and conditions)

Applicants that possess a non-US or Ontario based license are required to complete and submit a "declarations form" attesting to the validity of their driving history and license status


Call 1-866-494-7227